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Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Utah are some of the most economically stable places in the west. Business, schools and residents are showing that stability by upgrading, remodeling or building new. And we have the flooring alternative to keep up with the modern trends that are sweeping this country… Polished Concrete!

Without a doubt True Diamond Concrete Polishing is the most important flooring alternative to become available within the last few years. The surface of the concrete is diamond ground and polished, then a densifier is applied. The surface becomes highly reflective, beautiful, durable, abrasion resistant, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.

      Polished concrete is used in new and older schools, factories, distribution centers, stadiums, movie theaters, office buildings, well known department stores, home centers. It is appropriate for both new construction and remodeling projects. Using a concrete dye technology concrete polishing can be done in conjunction with permanent dyes to provide a floor that is both beautiful and economical.